Homa Bay Mother & Child Hospital

Priority projects under health are 1.1 Homa Bay Mother and Child Hospital 1.2 Strengthening Primary Health Care through Community Health Volunteers 1.3 Child Nutrition/ECDE Feeding Program 1.4 Solar Powered Health Centers.

Homa Bay has major challenges when it comes to maternal child health. Common causes for maternal mortality are; hemorrhage, hypertensive disorders in pregnancies, sepsis and obstructed delivery. Homa Bay County has a total of 304 facilities out of which 202 are GOK, 74 are private and 28 are faith based. Among the GoK facilities 134 are level two, 54 level 3 and 14 level 4. The county has no level 5 facility. These statistics make a compelling case for strengthening health care provision for mothers and children. We are therefore seeking financial and technical support for construction of a comprehensive 200-bed mother and child hospital within the Referral Hospital where there is sufficient land available. Estimated cost of construction and equipment is KES 250 million.

Strengthening Primary Healthcare through Community Health Volunteers

The county has 100% community health coverage, with 284 community units (CUs) and approximately 2950 Community Health Volunteers (CHVs). All the CUs have master community unit listing numbers (MCUL) and they report monthly in Kenya Health Information Software (KHIS) through MOH 515. The CHVs are a strong pillar for achieving universal primary care due to their critical role in the provision of preventive and promotive health care services at community level.

Areas for support to community health include –

• Implementing a robust performance management program for CHVs

• Payment of monthly stipends

• Training of new CHVs

We are seeking financial support for 3000 CHVs at a monthly stipend of KES 3,500 (including KES 500 for the National Health Insurance Fund), totaling KES 10.5M per month, or KES 126M annually. The program also requires technical support for the development of a robust performance management program for the CHVs.

Child Nutrition/ECDE Feeding Program