Governance, Administration, Communication and Devolution

The department is responsible for public participation, stakeholder management, special projects, county fire brigades, special welfare service, enforcement and inspectorate, liaison on devolution, coordination of community mobilization and development programs, corporate services, and coordination of community involvement in local governance. It is domiciled in the office of the governor and is also responsible for public communication.

Core Functions

  1. Responsible for public participation and stakeholder management
  2. In charge of special projects and the county fire brigades
  3. Responsible for liaison on devolution, Council of Governors, and other relevant regional fairs e.g. LREB.
  4. In charge of county administration and devolved units
  5. Responsible for public communication
  6. Monitoring and coordination of community mobilization and development programmes
  7. Coordinate participation of Communities in governance at the local levels

Organization of the Department

The department is organized into the following directorates

1. Director, Devolution
2. Director, Administration and Public Service
3. Director, Enforcement
4. Director, Human Resource
5. Head of Payroll Services
6. Director, Public Communication
7. Director, Teachers Welfare
8. Director, Special Projects and Disaster Management
9. Director, Stakeholder Management and Public Participation
10. Head of County Fire Brigade

Governance, Administration, Communication and Devolution


To provide overall leadership, policy direction and effective oversight in economic management, resource mobilization and public service delivery.


Excellence in Governance and Administration for Accelerated, Inclusive and Sustainable Development.

Sector Projects

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