Lands, Physical Planning, Housing and Urban Development

The department is responsible for the supervision of land administration institutions and the valuation of land and other properties. It includes policy formulation in management and administration of County land, land banking, overseeing the operations of County Land Control Boards, establishing a database of properties acquired through devolved functions, and generating and collecting County land revenue. Additionally, the department is responsible for Physical Planning, Survey and GIS, including preparation of plans for upcoming towns, enforcement of physical planning rules, and producing County Atlas, digitizing all villages and related GIS data. It also provides technical support relating to land registration and acquisition processes to the County Government.

Organization of the Department

The department is organized into the following directorates

1. Director Lands

2. Director Physical Planning

3. Director Urban Development

4. Director Housing

5. Director GIS

Lands, Physical Planning, Housing and Urban Development


The Mission is “To facilitate improvement of the livelihood of Homa-Bay County residents through efficient administration, equitable access, secure tenure, proper housing and sustainable management of Land resources.”


The Vision of the County Department of Lands, Housing, Physical Planning & Urban Development is “Excellence in land management, proper housing and physical planning for sustainable development of Homa-Bay County.”

Owino Hannington Day

Chief Officer - Lands and Physical Planning

Mr. Owino Hannington Day is a dedicated professional with extensive experience in land adm...
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Sector Projects

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