Homa Bay County is a county in the former Nyanza Province of Kenya. Its capital and largest town is Homa Bay. The county has a population of 1,131,950 (2019 census) and an area of 3,154.7 km2. Lake Victoria is a major source of livelihood for Homa Bay County. It has 40 wards, each represented by an MCA to the assembly in Homa Bay town as its headquarters.

Homa Bay County has eight sub counties just like the constituencies and Municipalities like Homabay, Oyugis, Kendubay and others.



Homa Bay County has a total population of 1,131,950 persons, of which 539,560 are males, 592,367 females and 23 intersex persons. It has 262,036 households with an average of 4.3 people per household. The county has a population density of 359 people per square kilometre.

Population By Sub-County

Sub-County Population
Homa Bay 117,439
Ndhiwa 218,136
Rachuonyo North 178,686
Rachuonyo East 121,822
Rachuonyo South 130,814
Rangwe 117,732
Suba North 124,938
Suba South 124,938
Total 1,131,950

Administrative and political units

Administrative Units

The county has been subdivided into 8 sub-counties with 40 county assembly wards. There are a total of 19 divisions, with 116 locations and 226 sub-locations.

Electoral constituencies

The county has eight electoral constituencies:

  • Homa Bay Town Constituency
  • Kabondo Kasipul Constituency
  • Karachuonyo Constituency
  • Kasipul Constituency
  • Suba North Constituency
  • Suba North Constituency
  • Rangwe Constituency
  • Suba South Constituency

Political leadership

Hon. Gladys Wanga is the current governor after being elected in the 2022 general elections that took place in August 9. Moses Otieno Kajwang’ is the senator and was elected in 2015 in a by election due to the death of his brother, Gerald Otieno Kajwang. He retained his seat in the 2017 and 2022 General elections respectively. The current women representative is Hon. Joyce Atieno Bensuda Osodo.

Members of parliament

  • Homa Bay Town constituency - Hon. Peter Opondo Kaluma
  • Ndhiwa constituency - Hon. Martin Peters Owino
  • Kasipul constituency Hon. Sir Charles On'gondo Were
  • Mbita constituency - Hon. Millie Grace Akoth Mabona Odhiambo
  • Karachuonyo constituency - Hon. Andrew Adipo Okuome
  • Suba South constituency - Hon. Omondi Caroli
  • Rangwe constituency - Hon. Lilian Achieng Gogo
  • Kabondo kasipul costituency - Hon. Eve Akinyi Obara

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