The County Executive Committee Member for Blue Economy, Fisheries, Mining and Digital Economy, Dr. John Agili, helped stock 1,500 tilapia fingerlings to Wang'chieng' Spiritual Leaders fish pond on Friday. 

The fingerlings were provided to the pond of a renowned community-based organization group in Rachuonyo North sub-county, Wang'chieng' ward. 

Thirty-seven members of divergent religious denominations formed the CBO group to help vulnerable community members like orphans and widows without discrimination. The group has engaged in various farming activities, with their latest aquaculture project aimed at facilitating sustainable fisheries resources management for social economic growth.

CEC Member for Fisheries, Dr. John Agili (right), presents 1,500 tilapia fingerlings to a representative of the Wang'chieng' Community-Based Organization fish farming group in Wang'chieng' ward on Friday.

Speaking at the event, Dr. Agili praised the milestones made by the group and asked other Homa Bay citizens to emulate the Wang'chieng' team. 

"The County Government of Homa Bay in collaboration with the Aquaculture Business Development Program will support the team with two cages holding 60,000 fingerlings," he said. 

Dr. Agili appealed to all Homa Bay citizens to utilize the upcoming cage farming program fronted by the International Fund for Agricultural Development and National Government to various groups. He underscored that the program will provide free fingerlings and feeds for eight months to cage farmers. 

Dr. Agili further urged fisherfolk to abide by the recently enacted Fisheries and Aquaculture Act. 

Wang'chieng' Member of County Assembly Hon. Victor Obuya, also the CBO's patron, appreciated Governor Gladys Wanga for remaining steadfast in development agendas.