In a strategic move to bolster revenue collection, the County Government of Homa Bay, under the leadership of Governor Gladys Wanga, is rolling out a state-of-the-art system. This initiative comes to the forefront during the County Revenue Week, a concerted effort to tackle the persistent challenge of low revenue collection and fortify against fund misappropriation.

“We are ushering in a new era of fiscal responsibility and accountability!” 

H.E Governor Gladys Wanga engages in the revenue collection process alongside a revenue officer and a local market trader on Thursday, when she spearheaded the new county revenue initiative.

Governor Wanga was speaking to traders, Thursday when she personally supervised the system's deployment in Mbita and Ndhiwa municipalities. Her confidence in the new automated and digitized system was high as she highlighted its potential to enhance revenue collection efficiency, marking a departure from the previous USSD system that fell short in terms of functionality.

The newly introduced system, conveniently available for download on the Google Play store under the name 'Homa Bay County Revenue Collector', boasts an array of administrative features. 

These functionalities enable real-time tracking, monitoring, and comprehensive analysis of revenue collection activities. This progressive approach is anticipated not only to broaden the tax base but also to encompass a broader spectrum of entities with tax liabilities. Moreover, the rates stipulated in the Finance Act of 2023 have been seamlessly integrated into the application, ensuring a level playing field and utmost transparency in tax assessments.

Governor Wanga urged residents and traders in Homa Bay to stand resolute against corruption, urging them not to compromise the integrity of the revenue collection exercise. 

She underscored the pivotal role of a well-funded and efficient government in delivering key services to the people.  

"An efficient and well-funded government is the cornerstone of a thriving community." This resounding commitment to transparency and accountability sets the stage for a more robust and sustainable revenue collection system in Homa Bay County.