The County Government of Homa Bay joined the world in marking International Women's Day today at Raila Odinga Stadium under the theme "Invest in Women, Accelerate Progress!" 

Organized by the department of Youth, Sports, Talent Development, Gender Inclusivity, Cultural Heritage and Social Services, the event highlighted the crucial role of women's empowerment for driving progress across all spheres.

"Women empowerment is not just a moral imperative but a strategic necessity," said Sarah Malit, County Executive Committee Member for Youth, Sports, Talent Development, Gender Inclusivity, Cultural Heritage and Social Services, who was the Chief Guest, recognizing women's immense talents, creativity and resilience. 

While speaking at the event, Malit thanked Governor Gladys Wanga for being a trailblazer and setting the pace for women's leadership in Homa Bay and beyond. 

"The strides women have made in social and political developments are immense," Malit said, adding that harnessing women's talents is key to accelerating progress across all sectors.

County Director of Youth Miss Opar stressed that investing in women yields benefits beyond economics, as women are natural peacemakers, consensus builders and problem solvers.

The celebrations saw participation from county officials, private sector leaders and civil society organizations collaborating with the county government to make the event a success.

During the celebrations, speakers repeatedly emphasized the invaluable contributions women make to society and the urgent need to invest in their empowerment.

The collaboration between the County Government and civil society organizations was credited as crucial for the success of the celebrations aimed at raising awareness about gender equality issues.

As the day's events wrapped up, attendees expressed optimism that the messages shared would catalyze greater investment and advocacy for women's empowerment locally and internationally.