Homa Bay County through the Department of Gender Inclusivity, Youth Affairs, Talent Development, Sports, Culture Heritage and Social Services today launched 16 days activism against Gender-Based Violence at Raila Odinga Stadium, Homa Bay.

The 16 days activism against Gender-Based Violence (GBV) is an International annual campaign that kicks off on November 25, the International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women and runs until December 10 with this year's theme being "UNITE! Activism to end violence against women and girls."  Homa Bay will end the campaign on 11th December at Kendu Bay Municipality.

County Chief Officer Gender, Inclusivity and Women Empowerment Ms. Dolphin Ochere with Zana Africa Founder and CEO Ms. Megan White Mukuria during the launch of 16 days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence in Homa Bay on Monday.

The annual event raises awareness to demand accountability and increase efforts through partnerships, coalitions and resource mobilization to end gender-based violence, which is recognized as the most pervasive violations of human rights worldwide.

In remarks delivered on her behalf by Chief Officer Gender, Inclusivity and Women Empowerment, Ms. Dolphin Ochere, Governor Gladys Wanga lauded the people of Homa Bay County for entrusting Women with leadership.

 "Homa Bay boasts of the highest number of elected women both in the National and County Assembly. In this regard we are in a league of our own. " She stated.

The Governor disclosed that despite this milestone, women and girls continue to suffer from gender-based Violence "We must engage local communities on candid dialogues on why they place the plight of Women and girls in the most pervasive breach of human rights worldwide and we must take the initiative to stop it. " said Wanga. 

She further called for concerted efforts towards prevention and elimination of violence against Women and girls.

The event was officiated by Ms. Megan White wa Mukuria, Founder and CEO of Zana Africa Group Limited and brought together different civil societies and NGOs championing for actions against GBV in Homa Bay County.

During the event, the County Government of Homa Bay launched a chatbot and adolescents' Hotline system. The system developed through the support of Zana Africa Limited will engage both girls and boys to solve key gaps in the health ecosystem via a toll-free hotline and WhatsApp chatbot.

Ms. Megan wa Mukuria disclosed that the hotline and WhatsApp chatbot will provide health information, including information on social determinants of health at the touch of a button to adolescents to ensure they have information that can help them make informed choices about their lives and health.

The plan is for the hotline to respond to issues starting with child protection and sexual, and reproductive health and expand issue by issue, based on community needs.

The county earlier this year launched the SGBV Policy that protects all citizens from all forms of sexual and gender-based violence.