The county department of Agriculture, Livestock Production and Veterinary Services began administering animal health services including vaccination, deworming and treatment to over 15,000 cattle in several wards this week. 

The services are being provided through a partnership project with Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) termed the Livelihood and Drought Mitigation Project that aims to improve livestock health and productivity for beneficiaries across the county. 

"We are carrying out vaccination, deworming and treatment of cattle across drought-prone wards to boost the health and productivity of livestock," said county director of Veterinary Services Dr. Charles Odiwuor, who is leading the exercise. 

Dr. Charles Odiwuor, a veterinary services officer administers deworming drug in gwassi south ward on Thursday.

The ongoing initiative is targeting cattle in Gwassi South, Gwassi North, Kaksingri East and Kaksingri West wards in Suba South Sub County, according to Dr. Odiwuor. 

Cattle in Lambwe and Gembe wards in Suba North Sub County and Kanyikela, Kwabwai, Kanyadoto, Kosewe and Kabuoch South wards in Ndiwa Sub County will also receive the services, he added.

The Livelihood and Drought Mitigation Project is an initiative by the Homa Bay County Department of Agriculture, Livestock Production and Veterinary Services. 

"Through this project, we seek to support livestock farmers across Homa Bay County to improve productivity and build resilience against drought," Dr. Odiwuor explained. 

Providing animal health services is a key component. "By vaccinating, deworming and treating cattle, we aim to improve livestock health and prevent losses from preventable diseases. This will boost incomes and food security for beneficiaries," He added.

The exercise began earlier this week on January 16 and it targets cattle farmers in several drought-prone wards across Suba South, Suba North and Ndiwa sub counties. The county government plans to reach over 15,000 cattle under the ongoing initiative.

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