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As the Governor, I am committed to delivering an industrialized, wealthy and a healthy Homa Bay County. Since taking office in early 2013, creating a better future for Homa Bay County residents and ensuring Homa Bay is a County of choice has been my primary focus. One of my highest priorities is to generate wealth for the County and to build the jobs of the future in Homa Bay. Therefore industrializing the County using locally available natural, human and agricultural resources will lead to creation of those jobs and eventually generate wealth. Again, I recognize that there are essential resources that will boost productivity and drive the economy of the county; therefore my focus is to facilitate the provision of essential services such as health, clean water and sanitation, infrastructure, reliable and sustainable energy. Homa Bay County boasts a wealth of opportunities, we are a County rich in both Natural and Human Resources, with 80% of Kenya’s waterfront on Lake Victoria. I believe direct investment in the Homa Bay County will boost the development, and economy, and Homa Bay offers a great place to initiate investments in a wide area of interest.