In a significant stride towards agricultural growth and community development, Governor Gladys Wanga announced the distribution of cheques worth Sh 17 million to cotton, poultry, dairy, and banana farmers under the National Agricultural and Rural Inclusive Growth Project.

The governor's commitment to enhancing agricultural productivity, uplifting income levels, ensuring food security, and fostering improved nutritional outcomes was at the forefront of this initiative.

The county boss urged the farmers to adopt smart agriculture in their farming activities to ensure they transit into agribusiness that guarantees food security.

"My administration is committed to empower farmers to boost agricultural growth and rural development even as we work to increase our own source revenue," said Wanga.

She added: "These efforts align with our vision of building resilient and thriving communities."

H.E Governor Gladys Wanga and her deputy, Hon. Oyugi Magwanga present a symbolic cheque to community driven development committee representatives at the governor's park on Friday.

This 17M shillings initiative aims to enhance commercial agricultural production, raise income levels, ensure food security, and improve nutritional outcomes. 

Echoing the governor's sentiments, deputy governor, Oyugi Magwanga who also serves as the County Executive Committee Member for Agriculture and Livestock, highlighted the significance of this project in transforming the local agricultural landscape. 

He emphasized, "This initiative marks a crucial step towards driving economic growth within our county. I appeal to our people to invest in cotton, poultry, dairy, coffee and banana farming, because we want to move from being a consuming county to an agricultural producing county."

Governor Wanga and her deputy jointly recognized the pivotal role played by the agricultural sector in the county's economy and livelihoods. 

"We appeal to our farmers to venture into oil palm farming and sunflower that are expected to yield far-reaching impacts in their livelihoods," Wanga said, adding that the government would equip farmers with resources, skills and support they need to excel in the oil palm and edible oils venture.

Among officials present were Mr. Samuel Owigo, the chief officer for agriculture and livestock, mr. Charles Odhiambo, the chief of staff, county officials and other guests.

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