The County Government of Homa Bay today launched its Climate Information Center, which will be used to collect, analyze, and disseminate climate data on variables such as temperature, rainfall, wind, soil moisture, lake conditions, and extreme weather indicators.

Speaking at the launch of the center on Thursday, Governor Gladys Wanga said that the data will be crucial for farmers in the county to make the right decisions for their farming activities, and for decision-makers and policymakers in the county.

“The agro-weather information we shall be disseminating to our farmers and our fishermen will be crucial for them in enabling their proper planning and execution of their farm activities,” said Governor Wanga.

The information hub will be used by farmers to make informed decisions about their farming activities, and by decision-makers and policymakers in the county to develop climate-resilient policies and programs.

H.E Governor Gladys Wanga at the county climate information hub during the commissioning of the center at the department of climate change on Thursday.

She added: “The center will also serve as a call center for disaster risk management. Farmers and the general public can use the toll-free number 0800000870 to reach the call center.”

The Homa Bay County Climate Change Policy, 2022 recommends the use of appropriate technology for reliable data collection, analysis, and dissemination of climate information. 

County executive member in charge of climate change, Dr. Joash Aloo said the county had planned for the information hub in the Homa Bay County Climate Change Action Plan 2023-2027 and this has now been implemented in form of the Homa Bay County Climate Information Center.

The technology infrastructure has been provided by Tomorrow Now, a climate tech service provider, while the county government will be partnering with Kenya Agricultural and Livestock Research Organization (KALRO) in providing information to the farmers on on-farm practices and policies based on the climate and weather information generated by the Call Center.