Homa Bay county chief officer for public health and medical services, Dr. Kevin Osuri presided over the ground-breaking ceremony of the Sh48 million funeral parlour which will offer decent send-off services to the departed loved ones awaiting burial.

“This project aims to decongest the current morgue capacity that stands at 8, to a 112-body capacity that befits a county referral status," said Osuri after breaking ground for the new project.

The Funeral home once complete, will be equipped with modern equipment, a state-of-the-art cooling facility, a spacious funeral parlour, a postmortem room, embalming chamber capable of stocking sufficient number of bodies concurrently and a family viewing room. 

Scheduled to be completed within the next six months, this ambitious project comes as a response to the pressing need for improved facilities to cater to the deceased and their families. 

While addressing attendees during the event on Friday, Dr. Osuri emphasized the profound impact this modern facility would have on the county and the region.  

"With a capacity more than ten times that of the existing facility, it will play a pivotal role in meeting the county residents demands for dignified preservation of their loved ones," He added.

County Public Health Chief Officer, Dr.Kevin Osuri (Right) discussing the visionary blue-print of the ultra-modern funeral parlour with contractors during the ground-breaking of the project at HBCTRH on Friday.  

The project aligns with governor Gladys Wanga's commitment to enhancing healthcare services, for the people of Homa Bay County as pledged in her manifesto.

The ultra-modern funeral parlor promises to provide a peaceful and respectful environment for families to bid their farewells to their loved ones.

This groundbreaking ceremony marks another key step in a transformative journey for the Homa Bay County Teaching and Referral Hospital, which is on its path to becoming a fully-fledged level 5 facility.

Among officials and guests present during the groundbreaking include; HBCTRH Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Okello, the hospital's board members, doctors, nurses and several health officials.




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